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Our Story

We tried to find best portals and blogs for currency conversion for top pairs like Euro to INR, CAD to INR, AUD to INR, Swiss Franc to INR but we failed to find top class service. And many of us need this service for our personal purpose like tours and for professional purposes as well. So we decided to bring our own FREE service for currency conversion, News & price forecasting. here is what we provide…

What can We do for you?

We are here to help you with everything related to top currency pairs.

Currency Converter

Currency converter - Currencyclan.com

We will provide best currency converter for your personal or business purpose. We are using top rated (9.8/10) currency converter API to give you best rate at the time of conversion. So rest assured with our conversion service.

Currency News

Currency news

We will bring you best currency related news from all over the world. Stay tuned for our timely reporting of news so that you can make your investment or transaction related decision well on time. Stay ahead of others and report the correct news is our main moto.

Currency Price Forecasting

Currency forecasting - currencyclan.com

In order to be effective, currencies need to be forecasted. This is done so that the financial institutions can take action before the currency’s value goes down. However, this is an arduous process and overlooks other factors that could have countered such a change in value. Other things like an economic climate can also influence the rate of exchange.

Currency Guide

Currency guide

A currency guide is a handy list of what the world’s major currencies are. The information is given on how they are valued, their significance, and where they are used.

  1. United States Dollar (USD)
  2. Euro (EUR)
  3. Indian Rupee (INR)
  4. Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  5. Australian Dollar (AUD)

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